Marriage & Money Masterclass – Weekly Money Meetings That WORK

How to start getting on the same page as your spouse when it comes to money... in a way that WORKS

Sick of fighting with your husband about money? Don't know how to get on the same page? Ready to change your money & marriage?

Learn my personal favorite weekly practice: Weekly Money Meetings

Inside you'll learn:

💰 How to start a money conversation with your husband or partner
💰 The ground rules for having a healthy and productive money conversation
💰 Pro tips to dealing with a spouse who is resistant to money conversations
💰 How to come together to make a plan for the week that works for everyone
💰 & more...


⭐️ Not fighting about money with your hubby
⭐️ Getting on the same page together so that you can both understand what's going on in the family
⭐️ Working together on making a plan that works for everyone
⭐️ Finally getting rid of the constant stress about money in your relationship
⭐️ & more!

This Masterclass video training plus re-downloadable Workbook (that you can print out every week over and over again) is a great way to work on your marriage and money today.

No more waiting for a better marriage with money communication... start it today with the Weekly Money Meetings Masterclass.

Your Instructor

Caroline Vencil
Caroline Vencil

I am a mom of 3 boys and 1 girl, and the wife of a hard-working husband. I started out as a teen mom with no future and now I run an extremely successful 6-figure blog working from home. In less than 3 years, I grew my blog from $0.17 a month to now more than $15,000 per month! I want to help YOU to find your passion and make money from it on your blog!

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