Marriage & Money Masterclass – Weekly Money Meetings That WORK

How to start getting on the same page as your spouse when it comes to money... in a way that WORKS

Sick of fighting with your husband about money? Don't know how to get on the same page? Ready to change your money & marriage?

Learn my personal favorite weekly practice: Weekly Money Meetings

Inside you'll learn:

💰 How to start a money conversation with your husband or partner
💰 The ground rules for having a healthy and productive money conversation
💰 Pro tips to dealing with a spouse who is resistant to money conversations
💰 How to come together to make a plan for the week that works for everyone
💰 & more...


⭐️ Not fighting about money with your hubby
⭐️ Getting on the same page together so that you can both understand what's going on in the family
⭐️ Working together on making a plan that works for everyone
⭐️ Finally getting rid of the constant stress about money in your relationship
⭐️ & more!

This Masterclass video training plus re-downloadable Workbook (that you can print out every week over and over again) is a great way to work on your marriage and money today.

No more waiting for a better marriage with money communication... start it today with the Weekly Money Meetings Masterclass.

Your Instructor

Caroline Vencil
Caroline Vencil

Hi I'm Caroline! Former teen mom turned 6-figure entrepreneur and blogger. My blog has reached millions of women who are determined to make money work for them – both in life and in business. My passion is to equip women with the tools they need to succeed in the business world without feeling slimy or gross in the process. My life's motto is: the world is a better place when women have more money. And I want to make that the truth for you in your life AND in your blog and business, too. Let's make it happen! :)

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