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Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You're trying and trying and trying to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck but nothing works.

No matter what, you always seem to overdraft your account.

You have new Amazon boxes coming to your door every day and you have to hide them from your partner so they won't know.

You're always fighting about money to the point of almost breaking up or getting divorced regularly.

Blame about whose fault it is that there's no money is going around like crazy.

Getting the mail makes you so stressed and worried you skip it some days because you're not sure if the final notice on the electric bill is in there.

You've been afraid to answer the phone for a number you don't recognize in case it's collections.

Every time you hear about friends going on vacations or getting a new car, you're filled with envy and don't understand why you can't have those things too.

And ultimately...

You feel like you're doomed to suck at money forever.

That somehow, you deserve the money struggle that you're in.

That this is just how it is for you – your parents struggled with money, your whole family has forever, so that's just how it is

I used to think that I deserved to suffer with money.

That because I was a teen mom, I was supposed to barely scrape by forever.

That living on $10 an hour was the best it would be and I just needed to make the most of it.

That things that brought me any enjoyment in life were stupid, pointless, and wasteful... and that I didn't deserve to have them because of how terrible I was.

That because my parents both filed for bankruptcy, that would be my destiny, too.

That choosing what kind of rice and beans I was going to cook that night was going to be my dinner time ritual every night.

That because I only ever knew the money struggle life of NEEDING to find sales, make do with what I had, or to go without, that was going to be my truth forever.

That playing "credit card roulette" to see if the card I swiped would get declined or accepted was just my version of "normal."

And that my life would ALWAYS look like that.


Something needed to change.

So with the rent check that I didn't have enough in the bank to cover and get the groceries to fill the already-empty fridge, and the shut-off notice for the electric bill in the other hand, I decided I was freaking done.

And so I changed.

  • I changed the expectations I had with money.
  • I changed the way I saw money.
  • I changed the way I held on to money.
  • I changed the fears I had with money.
  • I changed the expectations I had with money.
  • I changed the way my family talked about money.
  • And ultimately – I decided that I was DONE living the life of struggle.

I chose to get my money life together & make a change for the better.

I have to tell you this... that there is no easy button. No magical Money Fairy Godmother here to waver her wand and *poof!* it's all better.

But I can also tell you this...

You don't have to suffer through this all alone.

You don't need to figure it out on your own.

You don't need to fall on your face over and over and over again... like I did.

The good news is that after 9 years on this money journey for myself, and after helping thousands of women just like you get their money lives together, I can say that I'm an expert in managing your money life for the better... for the long haul.

The problem that we've all deal with is that we can download every spreadsheet out there, every free printable on the blog-o-sphere, listen to every free podcast, watch every free Youtube video, follow every money Instagram out there... but it still doesn't stick.

I've been there, too. Trust me – if there was a free budgeting printable out there, I had it. And every single one of them just sat there collecting digital dust in my downloads folder – because it never stuck.

What I didn't realize was that money is so much more than numbers.

  • I needed to handle my brain before I could handle my wallet.
  • I needed to look at why I felt "doomed" with money.
  • I needed to face my negative, and nasty inner voice telling me that I "just suck with money."
  • I needed to change how I spoke – even just to myself – about money.
  • And I needed to do all of that WHILE making practical changes in my bank account.

But this isn't about to get all woo-woo on you here. (Just a little, promise.)

This is about helping you to achieve long-term, long-lasting, life-changing results with more than just another spreadsheet.

Look. This past year has been rough. And that's putting it lightly.

But it has proven that there is no better time than right this second to make getting your money life in order than right now.

But my clients have seen growth. They've seen changes and shifts in their lives that they wouldn't have been able to handle in the past. They've seen their solid money foundation still standing even when life throws a game-changer their way. They've seen that their money lives are still in order even when life gets tough... and they're still doing the work and seeing it pay off.

And their stories aren't special – they're all ladies just like you who have hit rock bottom in one way or another, who've tried downloading and spreadsheet-ing their way to understanding money... and it never worked.

And the same thing can happen for you.

If you are done – D.O.N.E! – with existing instead of thriving in your life...

If you are fed the eff up with always being late on your bills...

If you know that it's possible to have a great life...

If you are sick and tired of hearing everyone else win while you feel like you're the lone passenger on the Struggle Bus... and you want to get off of it...

If you are ready to open your mind to new game-changing ideas with money...

If you are ready to make your money into a game and – gasp! – actually start to enjoy it...

If you are SICK of hearing the shame, guilt, bad-mouthing, man-splaining way that some people have talked about money for years and years...

If you are ready for radical permission to ENJOY your life and have the money to do so...

If you are ready to stop treating getting your money in order like a fad diet and start to look at it like a lifestyle change...

Then this is exactly what you need...

So are you ready to change your money life for good?

  • Get the workbook to start the work
  • Every day, fill out your daily check-in workbook
  • Write out your goals
  • Try out some of the resources I give you
  • This week's theme is STARTING
  • We go into your budget & what Marie Kondo has to do with it
  • You have homework to be aware of how you talk to yourself about money, spending, life, etc.
  • Video training
  • This week's theme is SHIFTING
  • We make a plan for your expenses that you can stick to (without being a total snooze-fest)
  • We'll take a look at our expectations with money and how it's keeping us back
  • Video training
  • This week's theme is JOY
  • We are going to talk about the best ways to find ways to save
  • We'll take a look at the limiting beliefs holding us back from saving
  • This week's workbook includes sheets on how to celebrate saving, making it easy, and more
  • Video training
  • This week's theme is MESSING UP
  • We make a plan for what to do if you ever feel like you "mess up" with your money so that you can stop worrying about if it happens
  • We'll take a look at your WHYs for slip-ups and how to keep going when you would have usually quit (this is the biggest week because it's setting you up for long-term success!)
  • Video training
  • You get 1 month FREE inside of the Fierce Budgeters Community for even more help sticking to a plan ($21/ month after the month ends)
  • Journaling prompts to help you with money hangups and blocks keeping you stuck ($27 value)
  • Goals Planning Master Guide printable to help you identify your goals and remind you of them going forward to help you get through the hard times ($27 value)
  • You sign up (YAY! **throws confetti!!**)
  • You will get immediate access to Teachable where the pre-work will be dripped out before Week 1's lesson goes live.
  • Take some time to fill out the pre-work. Take advantage of what's included & get a head start on the course so you can hit the ground running on week 1
  • 7 Days after you join and get started on the pre-work, Week 1 goes live.
  • Every 7 days, the next week will go live until Week 4.
  • You will get FOREVER access to the course. it's yours to keep, re-watch, re-take, re-do over and over again as much as you need to. :)

Is this for me? I'm super busy.

Hi, fellow busy human! I feel you with this. I've got 4 kiddos, 3 cats, a dog, and – HELLO, crazy season of life – no babysitter to help me out.

The good news is that this was MADE for us busy peeps. You get lifetime access to the whole course. All the time!

There are 4 video trainings each week, but if you can't make them for some reason, don't stress! You have lifetime access and can watch them again and again!

I've tried everything else before & nothing's worked. How is this different?

This isn't your average shame-fueled rant about how grabbing Starbucks once a week is the reason you're struggling with money.


This also isn't just another printable that is going to be thrown at you and leaves you to figure it out on your own or remember that you need to do things.

Yes, you still get worksheets and workbooks, but this course is going DEEP... WAY past the numbers that come along with money and getting into the roots of what we all believe about money as well.

We talk about expectations, money lies, limiting beliefs, restrictions we put on ourselves, and more.

It's designed for long-term change and long-term help. Of course, you'll see wins all the time along the way, but this is sustainable and not just a flash in the pan.

Is this coaching?

I WANT so badly to help everyone with their money... but I know that just isn't possible to give everyone 1:1 access to me. Especially since my private money coaching starts at $1,500 per month. So in order to make sure that everyone who needed this help got it, I made the course platform.

Trust me though... the video trainings are SUPER high vibe and will get you FULLY into the money mindset you need to be in the same way I work with my coaching clients.

Where will the course be held?

The course material itself (the one you have lifetime access to, BTW) will live inside of Teachable.

No one but the buyers of the course will have access to the videos.

You're in the cool-money-kids-club now. ;)

Do you have payment plans?

Of course! Trust me – I wouldn't have been able to buy virtually anything to help me with my money if it weren't for payment plans. So giiiiiiiirl, I've got you covered. :)

What can I expect from this course?

How about help, inspiration, detailed instruction, high-level tips that you don't need an accounting degree to understand, professional workbooks, journal pages, tracking pages, affirmations, pro tips and resources you can use to help, healing the past, learning to reach for your goals, ending the fear/ shame/ guilt around money forever. And a lot more.

Remember: this isn't designed to be a spreadsheet kind of course (although I do have spreadsheets I can give you, but that's like 1% of the course). This is designed to make a MASSIVE change in your life. And in order to do that, this course was made just for you. :)

Can you guarantee results?

Obviously, there are no guarantees or promises that I can make (although, Lord knows I want to) because it's not up to me... it's up to you. YOU are in control of the ship that is your life.

I can help guide you – no question about that – but you have to be the one to pick up your feet, pick up the workbooks, show up, do the work, and live out these new changes in your life.

Hold up... because I'm going to make this deal even sweeter!

You're in luck! For you – my super-special peeps ready to change your money life fo' GOOD – you're getting ultra bonuses!

  • The complete 30-7-30 Smart Spending Course
  • The Epic Goals Workbook
  • Daily Check-Ins Worksheet
  • Money Affirmations Guide & Workbook
  • *My new favorite workbook not offered anywhere else* Map Out Your Money
  • Budget Manager Printable
  • 160+ Ways To Save Checklist
  • Build Your Budget Planner
  • Cut The Junk Game
  • Marriage & Money Planner Workbook
  • & more (because I keep adding to it)


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