Fierce Budgeter Community 13




I've been there before too...

  • Tried every printable out there and still overdrew my account every week...
  • Swore that this was the last time I'd get takeout only to grab it on the way home from the grocery store...
  • Been married to someone who can't stop spending & talking about it only made things worse...
  • Promised myself that next month will be better...
  •  Sick of living that paycheck to paycheck life with the constant stress & worry about the electric getting shut off...

It's not just you...

  • You've done all of the right things, but life keeps getting in the way.
  • You're smart and determined, but you can't do this alone.
  • You know what you need to do to stick to your budget, but it's hard to stay focused when you have so much on your plate.

The Fierce Budgeters Community is...

  • an exclusive monthly membership site where you are held accountable for sticking to your budget
  • a membership site where you will set and be encouraged to reach your financial goals.
  • a membership site where I will be giving you weekly content in the form of Live Q&A’s, videos, free printables, and monthly challenges. (But don’t worry, I promise not to overwhelm you)
  • your opportunity to join a community of others who want to do the work and see a change with their money. 

I'm here to teach you how to stick to your budget so that you can reach your financial goals (whatever they may be)

  • Want to pay off your debt? Great!
  • Want to travel around the world? Awesome! 
  • Want to build a six month emergency fund? Cool!
  • Want to spend $1,000 each month at Target guilt free? Super!
  • Want to get takeout as often as you want? YASSS!

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Stop the CONSTANT STRESS over money...
  • NEVER WONDER if you have enough money to pay for groceries...
  • QUIT WORRYING if your card will get declined...
  • FINALLY reach your money goals...
  • Watch your savings account GROW...
  • STOP living paycheck-to-paycheck for good...
  • Quit the CONSTANT fighting over money...
  • KNOW that you can cover that emergency bill...
  • Find ACTUAL HELP for your money instead of just hoping it'll work...
  • ... & to KNOW that you've got money in the bank.

That's what you can have with the Fierce Budgeters Community

100% of community members saved more than $100 in their first month

After saying they've never been able to save in their lives before joining.

Just in case we haven't met... I'm Caroline.

I'm a lover of all the coffee, a terrible cook, a kitten cuddler, and the anti-PTA mom of 4 kiddos.

My husband and I got married and had out oldest right after our first year of college. We had the choice to make – Do I go back to work and just use my paycheck to pay for daycare... or do we find a way to make it work on $10.50 an hour?

We chose to live off of one income and to make it work. But that was a lot harder than we thought.

In fact, we had no idea how to manage money as a couple and found that all of our expenses were draining our account. We didn't know where our money was going, we didn't communicate about it at all, and we were barely making it paycheck to paycheck. 

We knew that something had to change. And within a year of living on $17,000 take-home pay while focusing on sticking to the budget, saying "no" to things that didn't matter, and saying "yes" to saving, we were able to put a downpayment on our first home.  

Cliche alert: If we can do it, anyone can do it, too.  

We're not special. We didn't have rich family bailing us out. There were no shortcuts to going from almost having the lights shut off to saving up for a home purchase.  

I'm here to teach you how to stick to your budget so that you, too, can reach your financial goals (whatever they may be).  

Want to buy a house? Good stuff!  

Want to pay off debt? Great!  

Want to travel the world? Awesome!  

Want to spend $1,000 each month on takeout guilt free? GREAT!  

Want to walk into Whole Foods and just slap your card down knowing that you can afford whatever you have in the cart? Cool!  

Whatever your goal, I'm here to help you learn how to get there.

Doors close on Friday at midnight



"I love the actionable steps in the Fierce Budgeters Community. Having just one challenge for the week makes it totally doable and fun. I love learning new tips to save money, and having a group keeps me accountable and eager to do better! Thanks so much for creating this, Caroline!"

–Kelley B.

"This whole community is an eye opener to getting your money in control. had no idea about where and how my money was being spent til now."

–Bethanne P.

"Not sure how many times I said 'I have no money to save' in my life. I joined hoping to maybe save $100 in the first year, and after just doing the weekly work, I saved more than $400 in the first 3 months. I've never bee able to save $50 without spending it before. Best money I've ever spent!"

–Allie M.

So is this for ME?

I’ll be honest… this is NOT for everyone.

  • 🚫 If you don’t want to change your money life, then this isn’t for you. 
  • 🚫 If you don’t care about living paycheck-to-paycheck, then this isn’t for you.
  • 🚫 If you’ve already got this whole budgeting and saving thing figured out, then this isn’t for you.

But this IS for you if…

  • 👍 You’re ready to get serious with your money.
  • 👍 You don’t know how to start managing your money.
  • 👍 You've tried over and over to get control of your budget and it never sticks.
  • 👍 You don’t know how to start saving on a tight budget.
  • 👍 You want to make the best of life with the income you have – no matter how high or low it is.
  • 👍 You want to stop worrying if you're going to be able to pay for groceries.
  • 👍 You’re sick of the constant stress, worry & pain that come from your money situation.
  • 👍 You are ready to FINALLY change your money AND your life for good  

How does this whole membership work?

Each week you'll get:

✅ SMALL but mighty actionable tasks to help with your money (things that you can ACTUALLY do)

✅ Accountability group to keep you on track

✅ Printables to help you complete your tasks

Each month you'll get:

✅ Budget breakdown calls of one of the member's actual budgets to see where and how to cut back

✅ Exclusive printables that are FREE just for members

✅ An exclusive community to ask your questions, post results, & get help

✅ & more!

Wait... is this every month?

Short answer – YUP!

Long answer – YASSSSSS 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 

Here's why – Sure, you could just get another freaking budget printable... sure, you could just join another course... sure, you could just try to make it work on your own for the 8,983,873th time. 

But here’s the deal – it’s more than just a one-page printable. You have to know what works and WHY in order to make the most impact in your money and in your life.

Which is why this is a monthly membership. So that you can learn something new every week, every month. You can do something new every single day that will make an impact. 

So, sure... you could keep trying on your own to make it work. But if you're sick of the struggle and are ready to finally make a change, then this is the answer for you. 

Will this only work if I make a certain amount?

NOPE. No matter what your income is, this is for you.

It's not built around how much you make, but on how and where you spend. So you won't be finding ridiculous blanket statements like "you need to just stop buying Gucci bags" here. 

It doesn't matter how much or how little you make... it all comes down to how you choose to spend and save. So no matter what your income is, all that really matters is that you join ready to make a change.

I don't have a ton of free time. Is this still for me?

Got around an hour a week? Then you have enough time for this.

The whole idea of a membership group isn't to just throw all the ideas at you at once... it's to give you weekly tasks to work on throughout the week. It's to give you bite-sized homework assignments that you can ACTUALLY do. 

I've taken SO many courses that never get finished because it's just too much all at once.

Enter: Fierce Budgeters Community.

If working on your money has always felt overwhelming and just too much to handle, that's why you need ONE task – just ONE – to work on, to master, and then you can move to the next one.

Bottom line here – if you have one hour each week to spare, you can make the most of this and see it working in your life.

What's the catch? What will I have to do?

All you have to do is to do the weekly assignments. Really that's it.

This is designed to be the step-by-step, easiest way to work on your money out there.

That means that all you have to do is do the weekly assignments and watch your money change.

How much is it?

JUST for you – my most loyal, ultra-, uber-, super-dooper-awesome people – this week ONLY, it's $13 a month. 

Yup. For less than 3 trips to Starbucks a month, or 1 trip to Panera for lunch, or 1 takout dinner, or 1 impulse buy from Amazon, you're going to change your life.

BIG promise, right? I mean it.

I can't change your life with a one-page printable that I send you each month. It just won't work no matter how awesome the printable is. 

Here's the deal: you're investing in your journey to a better life. You're saying that "YES! I KNOW I can afford what I want and need, AND stay in this incredible membership to help me save more!"

But I want it to be EASY to afford for you. Never putting a strain on your budget (duh ;) ).

So JUST for you, my awesome friend, you get $13 FOREVER. 

As long as your account is in good standing (i.e. you don't cancel or don't forget to pay), you get to keep that price.

But it's just for this week. And the next time... the price is going up.

So lock in your Exclusive Member price of $13 and start making your money work for you.

What's the return policy? Can I cancel?

Of course. You can cancel at any time. Literally any time at all. If you decide in a month that it's not a good fit, you can cancel it. 

Because of the nature of the membership site, you can cancel at any time at all, but I can't give out refunds. 

Remember though, if you cancel your membership, you lose your exclusive Founding Member price if it goes up next time it goes on sale.